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In addition to the value you get through our events and member services, club members can buy from our portfolio of luxury lifestyle products.
To the right you see a photo of "Yacht Investor" from Investor Media, which cover the Superyacht Industry. So if you have a yacht, are looking for inspiration or are in the process of buying one, this magazine is for you! This top quality magazine gives you at touch of the style of yachting in the famous port of Monaco, and other beautiful yachting destinations around the world. It will guaranteed add value to your life. You will find great articles from experts on yachting, real-estate, finance and luxury lifestyle. Lots of interesting news and valuable content!  

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Choose from 5 alternative magazines: Yacht Investor, Yacht Investor Business, Family Office Investor, Luxury Plus and Art Views.

One of our members is the famous artist Ove J. Aspen from Arendal, Norway. We can now offer his art at great price to members. O.J. has collectors in 25 countries. Famous people who have an Aspen are members of the Royal Norwegian Family, and HRH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai. Here is a photo of him working, along with some of his art works "Gjedda" (top right), "Med vind i seilene" (Right bottom) and "Painting the world" (left bottom).   

Price print: 29$.