Events - teambuilding

Investing in human capital is a critical factor for success. Team-building and bonding through joint experiences in combination with coaching from experts is an effective way to improve corporate results and develop a performance oriented corporate culture. 

We provide customized team-building events, and our crew and partners are dedicated to help you:
  • improve team performance
  • develop a winning corporate culture
  • build strong employee relations
  • create once-in-a-lifetime experiences 

Our specialty are powerboat events. We have organised successful yearly events in this industry since 2004.

Normally the event lasts 4 days, and a customized program for you can look like this:

Day 1:

  • Gathering 1:
    • Motivating lecture 
    • Teamwork - targets next 6-12 month
  • Lunch before take-off to the race destination
  • Transfer to airport
  • Flight to race destination
  • VIP transportation from airport to hotel
  • Check-in
  • VIP accreditations
  • Evening dinner with networking and mingling

Day 2:

  • Early breakfast
  • Tour at the dry and wet pit
  • VIP hospitality
  • Speed competition
  • Boat parade

Day 3:

  • Early breakfast
  • Gathering 2:
    • Team work - group presentations
  • Lunch
  • Pole position
  • Race 1
  • Price giving ceremony
  • Gala dinner

Day 4:

  • VIP brunch
  • Race 2
  • Price giving ceremony
  • After party (optional)

Gathering 3:
2-3 weeks after the race weekend we 
gather at your company´s headquarter. We follow up on the group work, and conduct
a pep-talk before you go ahead on your own. 

Prices on request.



The best way to become a winner is to learn from winners. 

Meet World Champion Victory Team
At the venue we organise a meeting with Victory Team, the World Champions from Dubai. This is a great chance to learn from a winner with a fantastic track record!

We provide VIP treatment for our VIP club members. The best location at the venue is reserved, and the VIP treatment includes:
  • Access to the VIP Village
  • Food and drinks 
  • Networking with the teams and VIPs
  • Entertainment
  • Dry and wet pit tour
  • Gala dinner
  • VIP brunch 

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