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Hi! Welcome to our membership section. :-)  We offer four membership categories.

For business owners
  • Business VIP™

For private members
  • VIP
  • Grand Lux
  • Lux
Get more information and order your membership below:

Business VIP™ 

Need marketing for your company or a better lifestyle? Our club offer an innovative new channel where you get exposure for your products and services at new exciting venues. The Business VIP membership is exclusive for professional business owners. We organise events for our Business VIP™ club members, either at our club venue, or at other luxury lifestyle venues such as the powerboat championships, Formula 1, wineyards, art galleries, golf tournaments, alpine skiing, etc. We help you grow! 

Together with our event partner Investor Media we offer exciting B2B events in Dubai, Monaco, London or Singapore. Meet other business people, networkenjoy great food and drinks, get business lectures by famous professionals on coaching, management, finance, etc. Below are photos from events we took part at in 2018 in Monaco and London.


Our top quality event partners and staff make sure that you get value for money. As Business VIP™ member you get the right to promote your products to our community of private members.
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Our private VIP members are the key to our success. This membership is our most prestigious one for private end-users.
The annual fee is 1000$. For this you get:
  • An exclusive right to participate at our VIP events for VIP members only. More event info
  • VIP treatment at our club events and luxury venues.
  • VIP deals from our business partners.
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Grand Lux

Grand Lux is for those who want to invest in a luxurious lifestyle .
The annual fee is 300$. For this you get:
  • Access to our club events at luxury venues. More event info
  • Great deals from our business partners for Grand Lux members only 
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Lux is our budget membership. If you are curious of the luxury market and 
want a taste of luxury lifestyle this membership is for you.
The annual fee is 100$. For this you get:
  • Access to our club events at luxury venues. More event info
  • Great deals from our business partners.  
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